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Tango Album by Adam Tully

Tango guitarist from New York makes original music for trio (guitar, piano, bass), recorded in 2016 in NYC and Buenos Aires.

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You and Chelsea Berry making a new album!

I've been living on the road, writing the songs, and now I'm ready to head in to the studio- with your help! Let's make this album!

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A Hammered Dulcimer Christmas

Nostalgic Christmas: Music from a Simpler Time. The 2nd Album by Dancing Hammers, A Hammered Dulcimer Duo.

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Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition

Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to be played.

Materia Collective presents: Hero of Time

Experience the story of Ocarina of Time like never before, with one hour of new musical arrangements recorded live by a full orchestra!

Undercover•The Choir•Altar Boys•441•Crumbächer Live DVD 2005

The Broken Records Reunion Concert DVD, featuring Altar Boys, The Choir, Crumbacher, Undercover and 411.

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    American Fiddle Method Online School

    Have fun learning faster and playing better with AFM Online School!

  • CAROLINA STORY - New Album at Sun Studio!

    We're going back to our Memphis roots to record our new album at the legendary Sun Studio. Pre-order today and help make it possible!

  • Where is Dana's Debut Album of Original Music?

    All music is recorded and arranged but not yet ready for release. Watch my video to see why.

  • Troubadour folk club anniversary plaque

    Installing a blue plaque on the site of the legendary Bristol Troubadour Club

  • Thirsty Bear, "To Love and Be Loved"

    Formed in August 2015, Thirsty Bear is a five member string band performing original music written by Brent Haviland and Jenny Latzko.

  • Small Souls - Unheard Unseen Side A

    We're raising funds to release Side A of our new album in early 2017.

  • Brent Ryan Debut Album: Cinnamon Pass

    Brent Ryan is recording and releasing his debut album, Cinnamon Pass, featuring 11 beautiful original songs.

  • Ben Travis Debut Album

    A nostalgic blend of Carolina foothills country, infused with raw emotionally charged sound and heart wrenching lyrics.

  • The Bird EP's

    Four short stories set to music with accompanying zines that feature lyrics and sketches.

  • Chris Heed - First Full length Album

    I'm realising my long time dream to write, record and release my first full length album!

  • David Noll's CD Album Project "Serenade to a Life"

    Making this new album is the beginning of a journey to share songs that I've written and find a larger audience for my music.


    A Navy SEAL. A song. An Album and YOU! An interactive video and messaging platform for all Americans to express their HOPE for America!


    A five-song alternative country EP featuring timeless themes like love, rejection, home, and running from the cops.

  • Those Days are Gone EP Release

    Hey everyone, this kickstarter is to raise the funds for me to create and finally release and EP for you!!

  • Laura Rice EP Project

    With the opportunity to record in Nashville, this is my musical footprint on the world - proving that dreams don't die when you're 35.

  • Honey Magpie's Debut Album

    Honey Magpie, a five-piece indie-folk band from Chapel Hill, NC, will record their debut album this November and needs your help!

  • Help TATATEO record their first EP!

    After four years of playing music together, we are finally recording our first EP at Tiny Telephone Studios in Oakland!

  • Rhythm Rides Again - A New Album

    END THE WAITING! You've been asking for a second album of WESTERN SWING and BLAZING HARMONY. We're ready...are YOU?

  • Remedy Tree Album Project

    We are releasing an album comprised of 10 original songs about Life, Love and Hope: Americana music with some Old-Time and Classical.


    Richard Allen is a Singer/Songwriter from Amiens, France. He needs your help to record his 2nd album when he gets back from California.