The One Thing You Need for Film Making

on-the-setWe live in a wonderful age of technology; a time when anyone can pick up a camera and make a movie. It’s amazing, fabulous, incredible… but it has put a lot of focus on equipment.

It seems almost every man and his dog in the low budget filmmaking world is talking about which camera they should choose? Which format or lenses should they shoot with?

Frankly all this BS drives me totally nuts! Guys please listen, stop wasting all your energy on techy camera pros and cons.

Here’s a little secret… Most audiences these days can’t tell the difference between digital or film, they don’t know the difference between a ARRI Alexa or a Box Brownie! What’s more, most of them don’t actually give a damn what the hell the movie was shot on. What’s far more important is whether you are giving them what they really need. A compelling STORY with believable CHARACTERS.

So what’s the most important bit of gear you need to make an amazing movie?

The most important piece of equipment you need in your arsenal is a good IMAGINATION and what’s more, an understanding of how to translate that imagination onto the big screen. Forget your codecs, forget your lenses and bit rates: stories is what this game is all about and if you can create compelling stories you’ll be on the road to success in no time at all.

Gear can be bought, rented or borrowed, but imagination and creativity cannot.

OK stop screaming at me, I know the visuals are vitally important, after all this IS a visual medium but it’s not just about a little black box with a lens stuck on the front, it’s about the skill of the person operating it but even more importantly it’s the STORY and how you EXECUTE IT that really matters. So go out and there and buy whatever camera you can afford in the HD range, and get on with it. That’s it. End of discussion!

Ridley Scott once said “Once you crack the script, everything else follows.” At 76 years of age he’s still making incredible movies. He’s a master filmmaker so if you don’t take it from me perhaps he can convince you!

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The Hardcore Espresso Drinker

Iron Man needs a coffee too.
Iron Man needs a coffee too.

I am hardcore espresso fan. No fancy lattes, no fancy cappuccinos or anything of the like! I get goose bumps solely when I hear someone order a low fat semi tall latte…for me there are only two ways to drink your coffee: single espresso or double espresso!! So, I have been in a quest to find the best home espresso machine. I actually have been quite obsessed with it, reading everything that is written online about espresso machines, pressure, warranty, water temperature, grinder. So, having said that, I am putting this little buying guide, ensuring that you guys can also buy the best home espresso machine.

Below are reviews on the best espresso machines I got to try before buying mine. It is not extensive, but rather based on real life use of the machines with some online crosschecking for features:

Breville Espresso Machine (Barista BES870XL) – this is by far my favorite and the one I bought. I loved everything about this machine, from the amount of settings, to the water temperature controller, to the integrated grinder. Even the price is something that I consider to be very reasonable. This is the kind of machine that can take you from a newbie to a seasoned barista!

Philips Saeco RI9376/04 Aroma Espresso Machine – this was my second place! It still is an amazing machine. I got to try and play with it at a friend’s place and the espresso was delicious. The price is also very reasonable. For me personally, I did not go with this machine because it lacked the integrated grinder and it had less adjustable settings. Still, having less adjustable settings can be a good thing (depending on the type of user that you are), so make sure to also check this model!

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso Machine – this machine has all the features you could possibly want in a mess free setting! You press the button and you have you espresso or your cappuccino! For me, this was both the good and the bad about this machine. The espresso was top notch, however, for me personally, this machine lacked all the adjustable settings that I wanted to have – the temperature, the pressure, the grind. So, in short, this is a really good machine if you want a great espresso, without the mess or the complications!

The Classic Espresso Machine, Gaggia 14101 – From the manufacturer: Rugged construction with tough durable materials. High performance: Stabilizes temperature as is composed of brass with a three-way valve solenoid valve and sole expansion valve. I really liked the feel of this machine, however going through Amazon reviews I really got the feeling this model was either hit or miss in terms of build quality, so, trying not to risk my chance, I discarded this model.

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